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Table Mountain

Table Mountain facts.


The breaking up of the continent formed Table Mountain 600 million years ago. The moving glaciers, tectonic forces together with the wind and the water shaped Table Mountain.

Composed of sandstone, granite and Malmesbury shale Table Mountain  is by comparison older than the Alps and the Himalayas.

Table Mountain history.

Named by the Khoi Hoerikwaggo, mountain of the sea. In 1503 the first European ascent the mountain.

We have three blockhouses on the Mountain. The King’s, The Duke of York (later renamed Queen’s blockhouse) and The Prince of Wales blockhouse. The King’s blockhouse is still in good condition.

Table Mountain facts.

Opening of Table Mountain first cable way in 1929. Built in 1997 the present cable-way is of Swiss design and carry 65 passengers. It also has a rotating cabin.

World Heritage site, National monument Table Mountain is also one of the new seven wonders of nature attracting 4.2 million visitors a year.

Major Features.

On the East side of Table Mountain is Devil’s Peak, on the West side is Lion’s Head.    

Table Mountain is situated at the Northern end of the Cape Peninsula.

At 1086 meters Maclear’s Beacon is Table Mountain summit in other words it is 19 meters higher than the cable station.

Orographic clouds refer as “Table Cloth” often cover Table Mountain. It is formed when the South-Easterly wind is directed up the mountain’s slopes into cool air. The moisture condenses forming as a result the “table cloth”.

Legend attributes this phenomenon to the Devils peak smoking contest between the Devil and local pirate Van Hunks. The contest is seen when the “table cloth” are formed.

Table Mountain has many hiking paths. North facing and providing the most direct ascent to the plateau is Platteklip Gorge. West facing is Kasteelsport and East facing is Skeleton Gorge.

Table Mountain plays host to a variety of endemic plants species especially The fynbos. The major plant types are Protea, Erica, Restios and Geophytes.

Found on Table Mountain and National flower of South Africa is the King Protea.

Table Mountain most common animal is the Dassie also known as rock hyrax. We have lizard, porcupines, mongooses, agamas, snakes, roy cats and a large variety of bird life. Note to mention our infamous mountain goat the Himalayan Thar.

Adventure sport like trail running, hiking, rock climbing as well as abseiling are very popular on Table Mountain.

You can also overnight on Table mountain.


Table Mountain has five water reservoir. The Woodhead, Hely Hutchinson, Victoria, Alexandra and De Villiers water reservoir. The reservoir serve part of the city however our main water supplied comes from further afield.

Conduct of customer:

  • Hike on designated paths. Do not litter or light fires. No feeding the wildlife.

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