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Trail run Table Mountain

Table Mountain trail run

Our Table Mountain trail run the contour path offers an exciting adventure.

Table Mountain trail run the contour path look like an accessible course however the narrow and technical terrain make it a challenging experience. The Contour Path has exposed sections, steep inclines and rocky terrain therefore it is important to be caution. The trail starts at Table Mountain lower cable car station. The ascents are straight up through a series of step therefore requiring a bit of effort. Once you conquer the first initial ascent and that you have reach the Contour Path the fun start.

The path run along the front slopes of Table Mountain allowing you to find your rhythm and to warm your muscles. The combination of elevation consequently make for an engaging and dynamic running experience above all adjusting your effort and pacing accordingly is necessary.

The ever-changing scenery provides constant motivation and inspiration as you push yourself forward. The vegetation along the path is diverse and rich. Running amidst this natural beauty adds certainly an extra level of serenity and connection with the environment.

The duration of the run vary on your fitness level, pace and the number of stops you make. On average completing 12 kilometers route can take around 3 hours. Carry enough water in other words stay hydrated, wear appropriate trail running shoes with good grip and bring a wind breaker mindful of the weather conditions.

All in all Table Mountain Contour Path Trail Run requires physical strength and good trail running skills as a result more for the experience runners.

Ready to embrace the challenge, book through our web-site and join us on our Table Mountain Contour Path. Take in the stunning scenery and enjoy the thrill of trail running on Table Mountain.

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