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  • Table Mountain Hiking Tours was founded in 1995 our office is based at the slopes of Table Mountain. Passionate about nature and taking great pleasure in sharing this with our guests Table Mountain Hiking Tours specialize also in trail running as well as mountain biking tours.

  • Our day excursion cater for the novice to the more advanced and include multi-day tours. Our experience accredited tour guides offer local knowledge and you may also benefit from meeting like-minded visitors. We are privileged and proud to Table Mountain part of our life and culture.

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  • Table Mountain is undoubtedly one of the natural wonders of the world that is endowed with a rich history of unsurpassed adventures almost always accompanied by wide breathtaking vista. Without Table Mountain, Cape Town as we know it would not exist. Her very presence dictates our climate which in turn makes Table Mountain a unique and exceptional floral paradise. Over 1400 plant species of the 2285 that make up the Cape Floral Kingdom can be found in the protected natural habitat of Table Mountain. Many magnificent and sometimes rare flowers can be seen on Table Mountain if you know where and when to look, on any given day it is a botanical sensation to walk the slopes of the mountain. Why should I hike table Mountain

Why should I hike Table Mountain

  • It is one of the new world 7 wonders of nature.
  • it is part of the smallest and richest of the six floristic kingdoms on our planet.
  • it is real, connect with mother nature and forget social media, television and other modern day time consuming activities.
  • it is heathy to hike, it lower stress levels, reduced risk for heart disease, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels, lower body fat, improved osteoarthritis outcomes, improved mood. Evidence shows physical activity helps prevent chronic didease.
  • It boost your self-confidence by persevering and conquering not only the mountain but your doubts.
  • There's no substitute for experience.
  • Relaxation and focus according to the ancient Roman, to be truly happy is to enjoy the present moment. It's hard not be present when it's just you and the world, one foot in front of the other, breathe in, breathe out. You can just be.


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Our Table Mountain Hike start behind the lower cableway station heading right up the Mountain. The first ten minutes of the hike are steep until you reach the contour path. Table Mountain Hike via India Venster is not a straight forward hike,...
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Who ever dreamed of trail running on Table Mountain, famous around the world for its extraordinarily rich, diverse unique flora and singular land formation.The area forms part of the Cape Floristic region and support a high diversity of flora. Our...

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