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Devils Peak | Table Mountain | Lion's Head | Signal Hill
Table Mountain

Table Mountain the world’s 7th natural wonder.

Table Mountain National Park alone has more plant species within its 22 000 hectares than the whole British Isles. It stretches from Signal Hill in the north, to Cape Point in the South. It is part of the worlds smallest furthermore the most diverse Cape floral kingdom on the planet. The world has six floral kingdoms and the Fynbos is the only one occurring entirely within one country South Africa. It consists of many different families of plants, namely the Protea, Erica, Restio grasses and others.

The national flower of South Africa is the King Protea. The King Protea is a large, distinctive flower with a unique shape and vibrant colors. Above all it is native to South Africa and was chosen as the national flower of South Africa in 1976. All in all it represents the natural heritage and diversity of the country.

Towering 1086 meters, the mountain boasts a network of over 550 trails. The length and breadth of the mountain offer exceptional hiking or running trails for all levels of experience and fitness. Table Mountain is a playground for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts therefore a paradise for those who want to connect with mother nature..

See, hear, smell, feel and love

Safety first

Are you ready to hike Table Mountain and enjoy all that nature ?

Staying Safe while Hiking Table Mountain.

Firstly all our Hiking tour guides have had training on all safety aspects related to their field of guiding and additionally have completed their First Aid training course. Many new hikers  wonder if they will be able to remember what to bring and therefore want to make sure that they can stay safe. Consequently to provide guidance I have compiled a list to some of the essentials in order to be safe while hiking. However there is still responsibility that each guest must take.

Respecting nature


  • Firstly respect other people on the mountain
  • Stay on demarcated paths
  • Take all litter home
  • No picking plants
  • Do not pollute water systems
  • Without a doubt you are not allow to light fires
  • Interdiction to smoke on the mountain
  • No swimming in the reservoirs
Early visitors & historical ascent of Table Mountain


Without Table Mountain, Cape Town as we know it, would certainly not exist. Her very presence dictates our climate, which in turn makes the mountain a unique exceptional floral paradise. 

To begin with the indigenous Khoikhoi tribe of the southern tip of Africa roamed the plateau of the mountain and lived off its generous offerings prior any of the passing ships. It was in 1503 that the Spanish Admiral Antonio de Saldanha made the first recorded ascent. The now well-know route, Platteklip Gorge.

Not to mentioned the Dutch..Ten guilders and six bottles of wine went to the first sailor in a Dutch East India ship to sight the faint mass of Table Mountain over the horizon. All hands were given a glass of brandy.

Without a doubt for centuries she provided the waters of life to the many travelers and explorers who passed the Cape of Good Hope by ship. Consequently began the long and colorful tale of the Cape of Good Hope and overall the mountain that is the very reason for its existence.

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