Protea flowers

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Display of Protea flower at Kirstenbosch botanical garden

Table Mountain

Table Mountain is one of the floral wonders of the world and it is easily accessible. There are many varieties of Protea flowers on Table Mountain which bloom throughout the year and Proteas are also classified as Fynbos. The best way to experience the mountain is by foot, there are many routes to choose from and every facets of Table Mountain are different from each other. Two of the reasons our weather systems, in winter the northwesterly winds and in summer the southwesterly winds. those control the variety of the vegetation and each side of Table Mountain is unique with something special to offer.

Table Mountain hike

Join us for a hike up Table Mountain via Skeleton gorge, our hike start from Kirstenbosch botanical garden, it follow the step path up the wooded gorge keeping to the left of the water course until you reach ladders to assist hikers over the polished rock. Above this section the route follows the rocky stream bed for a short spell before bearing out to zigzag up the slope. Spring is always best to enjoy the full display of some of our Protea flowers they are natural beauty of Table Mountain a display like a fire work! Our hike will take you to the highest point of Table Mountain Maclear Beacon and accross the plateau to the cable car station.

Protea flowers

The name of the plant family Proteaceae derive from the name of the Greek god Proteus that was able to change between many forms. Altitude has an impact on the flowers that grow here, the higher the colder, the wetter and windier while the highest peaks have superb views, the climate does not support a huge variety of plants. We recommend the lower routes for flower spotting. 

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