Lion's Head Sunset Hike

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Lion's Head hike in Cape Town

Lion's Head Sunset Hike 

The Lion's Head Sunset Hike is one of my favourite hike in Cape Town,  It is right in the middle between Table Mountain and Signal Hill. The mountain peaks at 669 meters above sea level. An early legend has it that some of the first Portuguese navigators hike Lion's Head and hacked two large cross-shaped fissures into a rock face near the summit. Although the marks can still be seen today, most people are sceptical about its origin, believing that the marks were formed naturally.

If you look at Lion's Head and Signal Hill (Lion's Rump) from the far side of the city centre you will see that they bear a distinct resemblance to a lion lying down. This is what essentially gives this unique mountain its name but Lion's Head. The Dutch called Lion's Head (Leeuwen Kop) and Leeuwen Staart (Lion's tail) which later became Signal Hill.

Lion's Head Sunrise Hike

Sunrise is one of those moments when the world makes perfect sense, when the sky lights up with a flame that warms your souls like no other.

So in summer we woke up early enough, knowing that sunrise at 5:30am and planned to start hiking Lion's Head at least 45 minutes before sunrise to achieve the whole experience.

The Lion's Head hike is pretty easy and can be done with the family and friends. The hiking path reveals ever changing views as it spirals around Lion's Head, the breathtaking vista of the Atlantic coastline, the magnificent Apostles of Table Mountain and the stunning skyline views of Cape Town. 

Some part of the hike consists of rocky area’s which requires some short climbing but there are good metal ladders and chains making it safe. The start of the hike is very smooth and even has steps to make the journey up the mountain a lot smoother.

It is a popular and rewarding hike with ever-changing views and some interesting rock pitches.

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