Hiking Table Mountain via Kasteels poort

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Hiking Table Mountain

This scenic route starts from Camps Bay and ascends on the western side of Table Mountain, the Twelve Apostles.
Admire the majestic 'Apostles' before starting the more serious hike up the gorge. Stop to take in the panorama of the Atlantic Ocean, Camps Bay, Lion's Head and Robben Island.
On reaching the top discover the old cableway and railway.
We now make our way to the Front Table - passing through the Valley of the Red Gods and Valley of Isolation. Take time to admire the intricate rock formations, pristine fynbos and breathtaking views.

 Hiking Table Mountain via Kasteelspoort

We will start at the top of Kloof Neck and walk along the pipe track before reaching the start of the trail. Table Mountain via Kasteelspoort hike takes you on a diagonal sweep across the Atlantic side of the Mountain and rises as it enters the gorge itself, passing impressive walls. The trail ascends moderately at first veering off to the right, initially there is little shade so it’s best to do this hike in the early morning. Once at the foot of Kasteels buttress there is a short section of scrambling up a level. From here you will have great views of Camps Bay and Lion's Head. The path continues a little steeper up the Kasteelspoort Ravine with the nice shady area. If wet this section could be slippery. Once at the top we will carry on left into The Valley of the Red Gods and all the way to the top cable station.

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Commandments of mountain safety

Never climb alone, choose your route according to the ability and fitness experience of the group, go with somebody who knows the way, stick to the well marked routes, tell someone exactly where you are going, travel at the pace of the slowest, never split up the group, always go prepared for bad weather, always watch the weather and time, if you get lost retrace your steps.