Hiking Table Mountain via India Venster

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India Venster

Hiking Table Mountain via India Venster

Our Table Mountain Hike start behind the lower cableway station heading right up the Mountain. The first ten minutes of the hike are steeper until you reach the contour path. Table Mountain Hike via India Venster is not a straight forward hike, sticking to the path is the best advice. Luckily the steep rock steps which involve scrambling and climbing have had some reassuring staples and chains added, rendering it much easier than in the past.  The path weaves in and around ravines and buttress with spectacular views all along, but caution should be exercised.

You will not come across many wild animals on our Table Mountain hike, but the most common one is the dassie (rock Hyrax). This furry marmot-like creature can be seen in most areas and found in abundance in the vicinity of the upper cableway station. Although not huge, the bird life on Table Mountain is rich and interesting such as Sunbirds, Ravens, red winged starlings, falcon, rock kestrel, Black eagle. There are obviously many more species of bird life on Table Mountain, snakes, lizards and our extremely agile Himalayan Tahr.

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Hiking Table Mountain