Chapman's Peak Trail Run

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Chapman's Peak Trail Run

This trail run is set in the mountain above Chapman’s Peak drive and goes steeply up the gravel road, before reaching the single trail on the contour path. Chapman's Peak Trail Run is more or less parallel to Chapman's Peak drive but high above.

The run

The Chapman's PeakTrail Run is dipping in and out of wooded ravines with steep climbs, bush to bash through, technical rocky paths and some natural obstacles like rock scrambles to test your footing. The view of Hout Bay is unforgettable. Our way back to Hout Bay will be on the famous Chapman's Peak drive which is part of the route of the world’s most beautiful marathon race, the “Two Oceans marathon” The Chapman's Peak run is slighty exposed in places and has everything to test you!

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Pacing for various distances

5 - 10km Judging pace for short races up to 10km is the trickiest. You are running at a high intensity, leaving little margin for error. The most common mistake is to start too fast and then running out of gas! This also happen if you have not done a proper warm-up before the race. If you discover that you seem to find your second wind after the first kilometres, it is a sign that you haven't done a proper warm-up. Golden rule the shorter the race the longer the warm-up. 10-21km Races over these distances have fast starts, especially since on trails it is important to try and get a good position before hitting the singletrack. Knowing that the pace will slow down once everyone reaches narrow paths. Less competitive runners should start more on the safe mode as they can still work their way past slower runners. Often single track poses challenges for good pacing and you don't want to be stuck behind slower runners.


  • Hout Bay
  • Chapman’s Peak contour path
  • Gravel single track
  • Blackburn ravine – indigenous vegetation
Trail run Chapman's Peak

Cape Town

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  • Wind: South, 51.9 km/h
  • Visibility: 10 km
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Sat, 01/18/2020 - 06:00
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Running Trail Tour
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Run Duration: 
9.5 km
A mixed of boardwalks and single track to the top of the mountain and the Silvermine Nature Reserve.
Run in the cool morning
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