Hike Table Mountain via Kasteels Poort

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Morning Hike Table Mountain via Kasteels Poort

Is a  thrilling and fairly lengthy hike with a number of rocky steps and large boulders to navigate and scramble over. The trail offers incredible views of Camps Bay and the deep blue Atlantic Ocean

Hike Table Mountain start on the Pipe track which takes a flat sweep above Camps Bay and across the Atlantic side of Table Mountain. The Pipe track route was constructed to service a pipeline running below the series of peaks known as the Twelve Apostles. This pipeline was built to carry water from Table Mountain’s Back Table to the Molteno Reservoir in Oranjezicht. After about an hour walking we will see a sign pointing up Kasteel Poort:Up until this part of the hike the gradient has been very gentle, but almost immediately, after this turn the route becomes steeper, with a steady climb all the way to the top of the ravine passing impressive walls. Keep an eye out for the old cable car ruins and a piece of rock that juts out and offers awesome photo opportunities for those without a fear of heights. Table Mountain may look flat when viewed from the city below but in reality is far from flat. Spread over a vast expanse are valleys, plateau, crack systems, multiple buttresses and ravines criss cross by a network of paths, boardwalks and roads. Once we get to the top on the gorge, the path will take us through a series of valleys all the way up to the cable car. From almost anywhere you will be treated to spectacular views. Way down by cable car.

Hike Table Mountain

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There are many places on the top of Table Mountain where one can find water but in midsummer water can be scarce on the plateau. A minimum of 1l of water per hours is required. If you have a guidebook, it should give you a time estimate for your hiking route. Calculate the total distance of your hike. Divide that number by your pace in miles per hour. This will usually be somewhere between 2 or 3 mph. For example, I can hike 3 miles per hour on a flat trail. If the distance of my route was 9 miles, I’d want to bring 3 liters.


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  • The pipe track
  • The twelve Apostles mountain range
  • Unabated views of Camps Bay
  • Echo valley
half day hike Table Mountain via Kasteel Poort

Cape Town

Clear sky
  • Clear sky
  • Wind: South, 9.3 km/h
  • Visibility: 10 km
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Mon, 08/08/2022 - 18:00
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Hiking Tour
Hiking Tour
Hike Duration: 
8 km
The route takes a long diagonal sweep across the mountain. Single track with some scrambling.
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